Why We May be Moving!!??

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If you haven’t heard yet Garrett and I may be moving to the East Coast for the Fall Semester of 2016! Not to worry though Colorado will always be our home and we will return! We are studying away with a program called National Student Exchange. I started looking into study away programs at the beginning of this semester and quit looking as soon as I found this one because I fell in love with it! I decided immediately I was studying away whether Garrett was coming with me or not! (It took a lot of convincing to get him to come). I absolutely love exploring new places and having this opportunity was like having a door WIDE open with all my biggest temptations directly behind! So why did I fall in love with this program? Well for one we get to still pay our UCCS in-state tuition while going out of state, which is a is big deal because  out of state tuition is very pricey! I also loved this program because your home campus and host campus promise to keep you on track with your degree by transferring your credits and providing classes you need to graduate! I also loved that there were options to go out of the country, if you spoke a different language, but that you didn’t have to go out of the country. We had to fill out a paper of the reasons why we wanted to study away, so if you’d like to know keep reading 🙂

My Reasons:

  1. I wanted to attend a school on the east coast for a couple of reasons. I have never really visited the east coast so I thought that would defiantly be the different atmosphere I was looking for. Second, I wanted schools that had education programs and the three schools I chose had plenty of options. Marshall University was our top choice because it wasn’t a huge change in size compared to UCCS. I also had just fallen in love with the pictures of the campus. It just looks so beautiful! Winthrop University had also be drawn to me for the same reasons. Both campuses are within driving distance to family we don’t see often which was icing on the cake!
  2. While studying away I hope to take some classes towards my degree that UCCS might not offer. I also hope to expand my knowledge by exploring the new city by going to monuments and museums. I hope to enrich my cultural knowledge! Since I am an education major I was also hoping to see if the east coast differentiated from my home region in the way education is taught and how classrooms are run; expanding my knowledge that way, as well.
  3. I hope that by going away I can mature by gaining some extra independence. I also hope to grow emotionally and grow self-confidence by being away from my securities.
  4. Since my home campus is in the city I was born and raised in my main accomplishments are to spend the semester studying, exploring a new city, and getting the “traditional” university student experience. I chose to live at home and go to an in-state university for tuition reasons, therefore I did not get the same traditional college experience. I hope to accomplish meeting new people and making more friends. Also, by staying in my home town, I have basically been to all the museums and experienced what my region has to offer, so I will love being able to see what the new region has to offer. And of course I will stay focused on my studies!

Garrett’s Reasons:

  1. These campuses appealed to me because they had the most education opportunities in the area that I was interested in. I narrowed my search down to the east coast because I am drawn to this region due to having family in the nearby areas. Plus, the schools were similar sizes to UCCS and I find that very comfortable .
  2.  I hope to take some classes that UCCS may not have towards my degree and maybe some extracurricular ones that are specific to the region. With being an education major, one of the key things I’ve learned is that every state is different in their approach to how education should be taught. This would be a great opportunity for me to experience this first hand.
  3.  I think that going on exchange will help with anxiety about being away from my comfort zone. I hope to gain the experiences of being independent away from home and have a different college experience, without worrying about work and being able to be on campus full time.
  4. I hope that by going on exchange and living on campus I will accomplish the traditional college life. I hope to accomplish this by meeting new people and making new friends. I also hope to grow as a well-round person by being away from my home campus, away from my comfort zone. I can focus on my education and relations with people.


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Remember I love that you are reading, you are beautiful or handsome, somebody out there loves you, and you are an inspiration! Go out into the world, after you finish reading, and explore!

Much Love,

Manda 🙂

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  1. Tiffany (mom #2)

    December 15, 2015 at 7:42 PM

    The college is absolutely beautiful!! I’m so excited for you Botha 🍀

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