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Hello, I am Amanda! Most everyone calls me Manda, I don’t know why the “A” got cut off but, at some point in my life it did. I am a college student in Colorado where I have lived my whole life and even though I hate the snow I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else… well maybe Arizona! I am in love with the TV show “Friends”, so you should be too! I am extremely good at crafts and being lazy. I get HANGRY which means when I am hungry, feed me or take the thrash of Manda, your choice, choose wisely. I want to be a special education teacher when I grow up, but that’s just a mediocre goal. Here on mandatheblogger we reach high! So you should know I want to open my own school where everyone who is special can learn in their own way. I have an amazing support team who fills my heart with joy. I have my wonderful biological parents, Alicia and Randy, but I call them mommy and dad, who have taught me wrong from right. I also have amazing step parents, Tiffany and Jason who I also call mom and dad, who have raised me as well! Alicia and Jason have given me a wonderful sister who is 14 and a fantastic artist. Randy and Tiffany have also given me amazing siblings, Emersyn and Kaleb, who are 8 and  3. I call my siblings my angels because some days without them I would have been completely broken. I have even more Team Manda members but I don’t want you to get confused quiet yet because it gets crazy trust me! When my boyfriend first met everyone, and even to this day he should carry around a family tree, of my family, because he still can’t keep them all straight and it’s been 5 Years!

So, I guess the reason why I am blogging is because I think it’s really important to understand who you are and what things in your life made you who youcropped-IMG_3246.png are. You are an amazing person and you’re here for a reason! I believe telling you my life story, about who I am today, who I want to be when I grow up, and my dreams and passions will encourage you to believe in yourself! Many life events, especially in high school, have pushed me to this point. I want everyone who reads this even if I only encourage one person, to love themselves and love where they came from, to reach their goals, to be true to themselves, to experience life in all the right ways, to have a positive outlook, and to know your not the only one out there. For awhile I fought these things all to hard and I still do everyday but I am happier now! I want the same for everyone. I hope in telling my life story that you can connect with me and grow with me!


  1. Julie Dragosh

    June 30, 2015 at 9:01 PM

    I can’t wait to read more!

  2. Bio Dad

    July 1, 2015 at 8:34 AM

    Amazing. So proud of who you have become and you you will be. There are many lives that you have touched and many more in your future.

    Love you more then you will ever understand.

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