Why and How to Spend the Day with Dad!

Hello, friends!

Just on Friday night, I went to a Colorado College Hockey Game with my Grandparents and I thought of some cute/funny/serious reasons you should tag along next time or even invite him the next time the big game day comes up! Dump your boyfriend for the day and take dad or grandpa!

I hope you enjoy!

  1. Wisdom! Dad or grandpa can teach you the ins and outs of whatever sport you attend even if it’s not his most favorite! Sure you may never be interested again but you never know you might need it to impress future boyfriends. or you may end up enjoying it! Also, he may just spit some wise ass life advice at you! It may only be worth a penny now but will forever remain in your memory. 
  2. The Crazy Comebacks! You would be surprised what your father or grandpa can yell down to the field at bad refs! It makes for an entertaining game for sure. Heck, he may even get himself kicked out! That would be a story to tell. 
  3. The Bonding! Whether you live at home still or not this is a great time to catch up, eat some grub, and drink a beer (if you are old enough)  with your old man! Even living at home each one of you can get lost in the day to day life and I think it’s extremely important to take one Friday,  Saturday, or Sunday out just for you and dad or grandpa. Life is too short to not take the opportunity, especially if you’re going out of your way to do something he LOVES because he’ll never forget it! 
  4. He may treat you! and take goofy selfies!! This one is pretty self-explanatory! 


Here is a bonus for you!! 

If your dad is like mine, more adventurous, rather than a sports person here are some things you can do with him! If you are up for the challenge!

Dad watching me get my first Tattoo!
  1.  skydiving 
  2. four wheeling/ dirt bike riding
  3. skiing/snowboarding
  4. go to the shooting range
  5. jet skiing
  6. a new amusement park 
  7. go karting
  8. paintball 
  9. beer tasting
  10. play the sport 

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy some dad or grandpa time!

Do not Forget you are such an amazing soul and are incredibly beautiful!

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