Update: Why we’re Moving!?

Hello my friends! If you have not read my first blog about Garrett and I doing a semester on exchange, then GO now and read it! Why we May be Moving!!??  Screenshot (4)


Last week we had a meeting with the Director of the UCCS National Exchange Program and found out that our 2nd choice, Winthrop University in South Carolina, dropped out. There could be many reasons why a University would drop out, but one main reason is that no students from that University are interested in the program. Winthrop University was a Plan B Uneven school. Plan B stands for the plan where you pay tuition to your home school, for Garrett and I that would be UCCS. Uneven means that they do not have to receive AS MANY as they SEND. It is like a 2:1 ratio versus a 1:1 ratio which would be a Plan B Even school. The other option is a Plan B Open school which means they take any student – a 3:0 ratio! That is the best!

Here is our new list:

  1. Marshall University – always our first choice- Even school
  2. Westfield State University- Westfield, Massachusetts- Open School
  3. East Carolina University- North Carolina- Even school
  4. University of Rhode Island –  Even
  5. University of Georgia- Even

So we are still praying for Marshall University, but it can be tricky because they will have to accept both of us versus just one student. We picked Westfield as our 2nd choice because they are an open school so we will defiantly get in if we do not get Marshall.

Westfield State University

Westfield State University


East Carolina University


University of Georgia

I will be posting an update again when we find out which school we are going to, which is on March 10th!

If you would like to know more about NSE or the schools on our list you can click on the link! All other sources are cited on the links under the pictures!

Thanks for reading and letting me share! Remember to share and subscribe to keep updated! You are gorgeous and an inspiration to someone!

Much Love,

Manda 🙂

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