This Week with Hermione: She Got Scared!

Woof-Woof Puppy Lovers,

Having a dog sure has been a comedic relief! #whosavedwho

I have bought Hermione so many chew toys! She has bones, balls, cones, and more bones. For a long while, she was never getting into anything but her toys. When I first got her she chewed up baseboards, curtains, and carpet. But never clothes! So I trusted her and while in the shower I would leave my clothes on the bathroom floor! Worst idea ever!! I came out one time and my favorite bra was all torn up and my underwear. So I kept them on the bathroom counter and in the middle of the night she must have gotten them because she ate more of my underwear and bras. I went and bought new undies and more bras–now they go in the dresser or immediately in the dirty laundry basket. She refuses to eat any other of my clothes though so I will continue to just protect the undergarments.

In the wintertime, my grandpa always makes sure I have ice bags in my car for snowy days. Well, we still needed those up until the last two weeks or so. So when Hermione comes with us on drives apparently she gets board because she ate one of the bags and ripped a hole in it… How does plastic or salt taste good? We now keep one of her bones in the back, but apparently, THAT STILL WASN’T ENOUGH! She also chewed up the carpet mat in the back!

Yesterday we were driving to my dad’s to celebrate Mother’s Day but we stopped to get some coffee when I heard Hermione rustling in the back with a bag. I jokingly said–you know because she completely understands what I am saying–”You better not be eating the kids swim toys!” As I said this I turned around to look in the back and she was stuck in the arm hole of the bag! #Comicrelief

After many playdates with my dad’s dog, Smokey, my mom’s dogs, and my grandpa’s dog, Buddy, I thought for sure Hermione had warmed up to other dogs! She loves to play with other dogs and people of course! When we first got her she was really skittish of other dogs, but after the other day, I guess she is still a little scared of them. She went outside when we took the trash out and saw the people across sitting outside so she shoots for them immediately. As I am running over there to retrieve her I hear her yelp and then she comes walking between the cars with her tail between her legs and her back hair sticking up. After being confused for a couple seconds I see this tiny Shiz Tzu chasing her and she ran all the way home! She was scared of the little dog!

I am proud of her though because the other day she escaped through the door and usually it’s 10 minutes later before Hermione comes home, but the other day she finally listened to commands! She ran outside, saw a guy walking to his car, started to walk his way, I yelled for Hermione to Come, and she looked at me, looked at the guy, then looked back at me and ran towards me! I started to yell “Get the treats! Get the treats! Hermione is a good girl!” I was so happy she listened! #Itsthesmallachievements

She also has gotten the nickname Minnies and when you say it she comes runnin’!

Minnies and I love you and so appreciate you stopping by! We think you are an amazing person and bring so much joy into the world!

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Minnes and Manda Out! 🙂


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  1. Daddy

    May 16, 2017 at 9:46 PM

    You two are cute together. Smokey loves to play when she comes over.

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