This Week with Hermione: She Escaped!

Woof-Woof, puppy-lovers!

I just adopted a 7-month-old puppy last month and I am very excited about being a fur mama! I thought since puppies are extremely entertaining I would attempt to tell her stories on a new segment called “This Week with Hermione”. I will try to have one up every two weeks under My Creative Writing! Let me know in the comments if you do enjoy it and I will continue!

By the way, she is an adorable German Shepard mixed with Lab named Hermione! And she is as ornery as our favorite wizard!

I will attempt to shortly sum up the first month of having her for the first post since there is just too much goodness.

Since she is so cute and innocent looking I thought it would be possible to just get some baby gates and lock her in the bathroom while we were away instead of a kennel. The first day she did pretty well and stayed in the bathroom – mind you there was major protests with loud whining. The second day we came home and she had knocked the lower gate down and chewed up some craft paint! Green paint all over my slippers but not on the carpet! I am tremendously thankful, but I am very interested in how she managed to NOT destroy my room with paint. The third day we thought we had tricked her by not just stacking the two gates but layering them so she could not escape. To our surprise when we arrived home, the gates were still standing but she was no longer in the bathroom. She was on my bed laying down with her butt in the air, wagging her tail, saying ha ha! When I went searching for the mess, I know she made, I found it on my blinds! She ATE them!! So we thought we could outsmart her by layering them still but less so she could not jump over them. Nope. She CHEWED a whole in the gate and escaped again! Ate more blinds and took out some blankets from a basket and took a nap on them. Make yourself right at home, Hermione! I know what you’re saying 1. Get this girl some chew toys. 2. Get this girl a kennel already! Do not worry she had plenty of chew toys, to begin with but she chose the paint and blinds. It’s like buying a toddler toys and they play with the box the toy came in… Again, don’t worry I went out and bought a kennel that day!

The first couple weeks we had her it was very simple to take her out to the bathroom. She refused to leave our side so she would nicely go out and pee then she would go out to the field by our townhome and do her number two business. I think as she got more comfortable with us and her new home she decided to explore some more. One day I took her out to go to the bathroom and then we were to go inside the car for a hike. The neighbor 7 HOUSES down! Was going to their car as well and as soon as Hermione saw them she darted towards them screaming pet me! Pet me! As I ran towards her calling her the neighbor ran away too!! So now I’m running even faster yelling “She just wants to say Hi!” The neighbor finally stopped and kindly held Hermione’s collar for me! So now Hermione does not go outside unless on a leash! She is just too friendly for her own good. Even on walks, she goes CRAZY for people, but nothing for other dogs… I wonder if we were getting burglarized or anything if she would even bark at them or just be happy we had visitors!

Last weekend we went to this place called Painted Mines, if you live in the area I highly recommend! Anyway, it’s this gorgeous place with the most unique colored rocks and boulders that you cannot climb, apparently, we only saw the sign as we were leaving and everyone was doing it. So we were climbing and climbing and Hermione was very hesitant the whole time, but she did great! Until… we tried to jump off this one small cliff and she refused to join us. I had jumped down and he was going to hand her to me – not a very hand over kind of dog by the way – as we shortened the leash and were trying to pull her over, she kept backing up to the point where eventually she had gotten out of her harness! So loose dog plus lots of people around plus people-loving dog equals never getting the dog back! She runs away and jumps all over this little boy – we are working on her manners! Anyways, the little boy says, “Oh my gosh! I love dogs!!” Thank goodness he wasn’t terrified of them! We eventually got her back from him and got her back on her harness. As he was lifting her down to me she was squirming around and eventually just jumped off my back! I guess one way or another she got down! After some pictures were taken we found a cave and decided to explore it. Well, to get to it you have to go through lots of MUD so she was extremely dirty!! And so were we! We reached to cave and there was a group of girls and every time we passed them Hermione shook her whole body and whined to say hi! And the girls said “Hi cute doggie! You are sooo cute! I miss my dog!” And she fell in love with their attention giving! *rolling my eyes this whole time

So we went home, took naps, then she got a bath! And we thought wow she is such a good dog just laying there for us! But when I think back on it I think she was acting paralyzed! After she got out of the bath we took her outside to shake off and she ran down the whole block and came back, shook some more, then ran again! Then, she came inside and slept the rest of the day and night!

I hope you enjoyed these Tails on Hermione! (pun intended!) I am sure I will have good ones to tell in a few weeks as well! Thanks for listening and don’t forget to comment and share if you enjoyed this one! 

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Remember that you ARE appreciated by someone! You are loved and you are an inspiration to this world so I hope you are out exploring it! Make Today An Adventure!!


Hermione and MandaGirl 😉


  1. Carla Ruth

    April 28, 2017 at 4:15 PM

    Sounds like Miss Hermoine loves to check out the world around her and loves adventure also. Train her while she is young. Good luck.

    1. Alicia

      April 29, 2017 at 10:01 AM

      Agree you need the training as much as they do so your both on the same page it makes walks better when she’s bigger and braver.

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