Summer DIY Yard Decor

Hello, Friends!

I am so ecstatic that is summer! I hope you all enjoy these super cute yard DIY’s that I made, actually for Mother’s Day! Both of these are incredibly simple to do but incredibly fun!

All supplies bought at Michaels and Lowes!

Fairy Garden:

  1. Have fun buying fairies, gnomes, and their homes!
  2. Get one big ceramic pot and then a small to medium one.
  3. Buy soil and succulents or flowers       
  4. Fill the big pot with soil to basically the brim 
  5. Smash the heck out of the small pot, ground it in the soil in the big pot, then fill it in with soil 
  6. Plant the succulents and add soil as needed 
  7. Add the fairies, gnomes, and other décor
  8. Add it to your garden or to the porch! 

Beach Garden

  1. Buy the décor items and the glass bowl, glass vase, or a shell bowl (that I tried to convince my siblings to buy but they went for the vase)
  2. Buy some sand and seashells unless you have some from a vacation!
  3. Add sand and “water”
  4. Add seashells
  5. Add beach items
  6. Add to porch or garden! 

It’s really that simple! And that Cute!! I am actually disappointed that I had to give these away to my moms because I wanted to keep them!

Thanks for stopping by as always! Remember that you are beautiful inside and out, an inspiration, and an adventurer!

I hope you have a great day! Please share, comment, and share some more!


MandaGirl 🙂



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