Our First Week Here


Our first week here, in Huntington, has literally been one of the longest weeks of my life! On our way home from school today we talked about how it has felt like we have already been here for a month. Our first day here was the day we were able to move into our apartment. We soon found out that we were on the third floor. So after lugging everything thing up three flights of stairs and an hour later we sat on the couch for a little. Then headed to the local Wal-Mart and Kroger for some shopping of other things we still needed. Then we lugged all that stuff up the stairs. We did the simple things like make the beds, hang shower curtains, and move furniture around.

The next day, which happened to be Saturday, we ventured onto campus to buy the books we needed and find where our classes were so we weren’t totally lost on Monday. After that we ate some pizza and made a grocery list; then, ventured off to get groceries. Buy everything Kroger brand! It’s cheaper, if you happen to be a poor college student like us. We continued to set things up at the apartment, but we were bored so we decided to drive around and find something fun to do. As we were walking around we found a mini strip mall that we skimmed over, as we had seen it when we came in July to find a place to live. We came to the edge of the city and heard a concert going on, by the river so we decided to check it out. We told the lady taking tickets we just wanted to peek inside the park, she interrupted us and said, “enjoy your selves and don’t get into trouble”. So we got to enjoy a free concert! It was the local Symphony which was pretty good. Then we walked back to our car in the pouring rain!


Sunday we continued setting up the apartment and relaxing before school on Monday. We walk to class and home everyday because we live pretty close. I have already had a writing assignment in my creative writing course and have had a ton of reading for my other courses. On Wednesday we checked out the Rec Center on campus which is much bigger than we are used to. They have a rock climbing wall which I’m sure I will be dragged to A LOT by Garrett. There are a lot of things to get used to here. Yesterday, I almost died, so that was eventful. The past couple of days I have worn shorts because I am not used to the humidity here, but in class I get cold so I decided to wear jeans yesterday. As we were walking home I felt nauseas and was sweating profusely. I nearly fainted so Garrett ran me an ice cold bath and made me drink a ton of water. It has been a pretty good week, but also exhausting. We are going to a Soccer game tonight so hopefully we will have a good time there!

I hope your week wasn’t as exhausting as mine but I can vouch that getting back to school and ending your summer isn’t always the easiest!


Ta ta for now,

Manda 🙂

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