I’ve Gone Poetic Crazy!

Hello Rays of Sunshine,

Today I thought I would share with you some of the poetry I have written in my Creative Writing Course. I hope you enjoy them!


Hate and Violence

It’s 12 am and a man walks into the crowded Florida bar, people are dancing

Drunk, maybe even high, minding their own and enjoying life

When a man starts firing. Screams cover the firework sound, but then so many are down it becomes quiet. When will it ever stop?


It’s midday and its an awkward quietness in the chilly waiting room. I’m turned away from my local grocery store and the whole street is blocked by black SUVs marked SWAT. All I hear as I drive away are again the sound of fireworks exchanged between men in blue and a pro-life protester. When will it ever stop?


It’s 12pm and Dallas streets are crowded on with signs.


Then the firework sound and 5 men in blue are on the ground bleeding out.

11-41, 11-41, Man down, 11-41

When will it ever stop?


Guns are fired.

People are dead.

Will it ever stop?

This poem was asked to be a politically charged poem. It is actually based off of one of my other blogs. Check it out here – Hate and Violence!

In Childhood

Little girl in the middle. Little girl caught in the crossfire. Mommy and daddy’s fire rose high every year growing separate. The fire burned the little girl to love. But daddy brought another baby girl into the world. The fire shimmered down, lost its air, lost its oxygen. Mommy and daddy built a friendship around the two separate families only joined by their one creation. Sometimes the fire still burns inside the little girl, but she tries to see the light in its flame. That, that is who she is and what her childhood is.

This poem is a prose based on Sarah Chavez’s poem “In Childhood”.

Wedding Poem 

Slipping my sandals off,

I clinche the sand between my toes.

Hearing the violinist tune

String by string.

Watching the water draw

nearer and nearer with each wave.

The white silky drapes,

swing in the breeze.

The Priest stands tall,

gripping his silver cross.

Lavandar petals sway

side to side across the silk aisle.

I breath the beachy air

Family begins to gather

in each lace covered chair

The waves calm,

The breeze settles,

The violinist transitions to melody,

and we all turn to her.

Ode to Women

We hustle and bustle,

We chit and chat,

We fight for our rights

and kick it to the man.

We hustled damn good,

We bitch for good reason,

We fought like Rosie the Riveter,

And we kicked ass!

Yet, we hustle and bustle harder,

You think we just chit chat,

We still fight for equality,

And we still Kick Ass!

This one is just for all my ladies! 🙂


I want to get lost in the scene before me.

In the beauty captured with just megapixels at a time.

In the beams of orange and yellow creeping between

Each of the crevasses in the masses of earth and rock.

In the sparkling water separating the land,

flowing through into each new country town.

In the woods created by every tree, tall or short,

Bushy or thin, green all year or yellow in fall.

In the flat land above the water where you can see for miles on miles.

In the mountains where breath is short but the hike is long,

Where you can see until the next mountain at a bird’s eye view.

Where the elk roam, the Eagles fly free, bunnies hop, bears scrummage

Through camper’s trash, and mountain lions hunt.

Where the crickets and a hoot from an owl are the only things you can hear

In the quiet night and the you can see millions of stars in the night

I want to get lost away from the city to where quietness awaits me.


This poem was an ekpharasis– a poem about another art form.

My Dying Need

Asian Elephant, from the distant Siri Lanka.

Bald Eagle, the bird of red, white, and blue.

Camel, 2 humped horse that resides in Central Asia.

Dolphin, the mermaid of the big blue.

Eagle owl, mystery of the night.

Flamingos, eloquence painted in ombre pink.

Gorillas, Kings of the Wild

Hawaiian honeycreepers, chirps of the resort island.

Iguana, colorful lizard of St. Thomas.

Jaguar, feline of Paraguay, Argentina, and Mexico. (Mexican accent is appropriate)

Koala, cuddly teddy on the Eucalyptus.

Leopard, Flash of Africa.

Moose of Estes Park and Yellowstone.

Nightingale, tiny chirps of the eerie woods.

Otters, the cute playful swimmers.

Polar Bears, the Kings of the Ice Continent.

Quokka, a marsupial found in Australia.

Red wolf, red panda, red bird.

Seals, the har har hars of the coastal seas.

Tortise, the wisest longest living creatures

Uakari, monkey from the depths of the tropical rainforest.

Vultures, the scavengers of the world.

Wallaby, the softest creature I’ve ever touched!

X-ray tetra, the only x named species.

Yorkshire, the cute yappy house dog from coast to coast.

and Zebra, my stripped friend.

I want to see all,

I want to go everywhere,

My heart longs for the traveling road,

The zoo just won’t do any longer.


This was a cute abedicarian poem I wrote. It is the A-Z form you may have noticed.

Take Me Home

Take me away from the humid air,
Where you are pushed into a rush of
Heavy, hot, instant sweat.


Take me away from the sudden breath of rotten egg potioned with bad B.O.


Take me away from the lime green beetles
humming a louder pitch with every ticking minute, covering the voices in my lost mind.


Take me back on the open gravel roads
Through the yellow fields that stand tall in the open spaces where Martians left messages.


Take me through each little white edged, red-wooded farm that left the moo sewage engraved in my nose.


Take me home to the giant purple tipis
Towering in the distance.


Take me home to the air freshly washed of dirt, grim, and smog to be made crystal clear.

Take me home to the endless concrete walls withholding the fabrics of the rainbow, feeling of the fox, sheep, and snakes.


Take me home to my soft, cloudy colored lion who chirps at the tan climbing rats in the yard.


Take me home to the distinct smell of grandma where sweet ” I love you’s” are whispered instead of thumbed on the mini computer when a second is given.


Take me home where rocky hills meet thick down streams of melting white fluff, twiddles sing, crickets hum softly, and hunted deer gaze in the land.


Take me home where occasional red flags breathing heat crackle under burning logs in the sparkling night and you come home covered in brown specks, smelling like you rolled in the burning red flag, 3-day old hat hair is just the norm, and catching no z’s cause you slept over what felt like a boulder.


Take me to the mountains of fresh air in Colorado where the sun beams in warm breezes in January and white fluff could fall in August.


Take me to my home.


This had to be a poem filled with imagery!

The next three poems were a series of poems I wrote for a poetry packet that we could turn into a publisher. These are also by far my favorite poems!


Sitting in a room, picking endlessly at the tips of your fingers,

Thoughts uncontrollably spinning in your mind.


Your peers whisper to one another, coughing and sneezing,

You pull out your germ killer and it burns.


Your stomach continually falls to the depths of your legs.

Heart beating rapidly, pumping to nowhere.


Every muscle, even the ones you didn’t know existed are

Restrained, tight, stiff.


Shooting pain behind your eye travels

Through your temple to the back of your stiff neck.


Your jaw clenches so tight it causes your

Ear drums to ring.


Then your breathing grows quicker,

If you don’t remain calm oxygen will be lost to your brain.


Quick! Catch yourself before you fall,

Breath in, hold it, breath out…breath in, breath out.


Calm only for one second.

Its going to be okay. Is what you tell yourself.


It all only silenced by the deepest of sleeps.

But careful it can find you there, too.


Sleepless Night

I have been awakened by my darkest, unrealistic fear

of my unnecessary worries


Not in a jolt but in a restless toss and turn

By the worries of tomorrow.


Little entities in the night painted an aphotic picture.

My hand laying there, gushing red sap, severed bone,

And ropey muscles. I can see the darkness through the gapping

Hole in my hand. Rescue me. She says I’m fine.


I lay awake until my mind falls completely restless.

Now in the deepest of sleeps


I must be in these realms of another world,

But I only see the peace in the darkness.


Take Me Now, I beg of You.

It dominates me, overwhelms me, supremacies me.

Take Me Now.

It takes it and buries itself abysmally.

Take Me Now.

Outcry of screaming with everything left in me.

Take Me Now.

Guiding me down with each tear that plummets.

Take Me Now.

Braking me into my most exposed pieces.

Take Me Now.

And, finally, it took me into the depths of slumber.

I hope you enjoyed some of these and I encourage you to write as well or express yourself through some form of art. It could be poetry, just random thoughts in a journal, writing short stories, painting, sketching, or music. This helped a lot in expressing myself and even sharing some common experiences with my peers!

Let me know in the comments below what was your favorite or even share a poem with me!

As always you are such a beam of light in this world so go out and share it! Thanks for reading! Subscribe and share!

Love always,



** All poems are written by Amanda Chappell

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