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Hello on this Beautiful Day!

My momma on this beautiful day!
My momma on this beautiful day!

Yesterday I talked about my dreams and passions, but to make them I had to set goals and achieve them. Goals are extremely important no matter the size. Everyone has something they want to complete. When a person achieves something they feel empowered, satisfied, tremendous! Who doesn’t want to feel like that? You may tell yourself that you have until next week to get your grades up, but lets be real that’s not keeping you accountable for what you need to get done. So here is how I set goals!

“Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them.” -Jack Canfield

1. Your Arena:

FullSizeRender (00000002)You need to find a place that you can FOCUS! Find a place where your brain shuts off everything that isn’t about your current goal or goals. A place where you can be at peace! A place where dreams are created and put into action! This could be a number of places. Mine is usually in my room at my desk! I’ve got my chair that I cannot slouch in that keeps me focused. My desk is small enough that its not crowded with the million of other things I need to do. But not so small that I can’t fit the things I do need.  I’m not distracted by who said what on Facebook because my phone is plugged in far far far away! Before I put my phone far away a put on my favorite radio station which is any that plays Luke Bryan! You’re more than welcome to tune into anything you prefer though.

Where Dreams are Created
Where Dreams are Created

If only I could be here, but currently my house is getting remolded. So, for now my arena is Starbucks! Yes, I’m a Starbucks girl, 6 words, they. have. free. wifi. and. coffee.

2. Making Goals Easy to Achieve

  • Goals should be direct not broad. Skip the generic I need an “A” in Math. Why is the “A” important to you? Do you need an “A” to get a scholarship? Do you need it to bump up your GPA? When you give it reason it give it importance.  My Goal: To Graduate with my Masters in Honors! The Honors is important to me because I need to prove to myself in college. In high school I wasn’t a straight “A” student, I was a good student but, I know I could have been better.  For the record the only person you should be competing against is yourself 🙂
  • Goals need to be measurable. So if your goal is to get a “A”, is that by next week? By the end of quarter? Or by the end of semester? This part needs to be attainable. Its probably not easy to get you to a “A” in one week. Unless you just have a ton of stuff you need to turn in and tests to take. To have a “A” by the end of the quarter is more attainable. My Measurable Goal: My goal is to graduate with my Masters and Teacher qualifications by May 2020. That’s 2 years after I would graduate with a Bachelors.
  • You should have Mini Goals or Action Steps. These are the steps you take to achieve your goal. If your finding that your goal is getting harder to achieve, you need to tweak you actions steps. Let’s say that the end of the quarter is 3 weeks away, each day and week you should be doing something in order to get that “A”. Maybe first you find a tutor. Then, you go to tutoring every Monday and Wednesday. Every Thursday you study for the test on Fridays. Every day you should be doing your math homework and make it a priority. You should have mini goals  such as, to get higher than “B’s” on your test grades. My action steps: Every semester to keep my GPA at a Golden 3.5! This keeps me on the Honor Roll.  At the end of every semester I need to meet with my Academic Advisor, this is to make sure I am on track for the classes I need to be taking. My mini goal is that every test or paper grade should be a “B” or higher.
  • Rewards!! Your goals should be rewarding to you! You’ve come a long way and you should feel empowered by what you just have accomplished!
“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” -Zig Zaglar

3. Notebooks and Colors

Write it Down!! I cannot say it any other way! When its just jumbling around in your brain it could be doing any thing, including being forgotten! Use colors for what your goal is, when its supposed to be achieved by,  and what your actions steps are. Colors are fun and keep you organized! Have a planner as well. This keeps everything you have to do organized in one place. IMG_3268

4. Goal Buddies

Garrett and I at HS Graduation
Garrett and I at HS Graduation

If you keep your goals to yourself you are the only one that is going to keep you on track and honestly we can’t keep ourselves reliable. Tell someone about your goals, tell them how your going to achieve them! Maybe they want to tell you their goals! Keep each other accountable. If your buddy isn’t staying on track to keep their goals its okay to be feisty and honest with them, as they should be with you. Your Goal Buddy should be someone who is as serious as you are about achieving your goals. Your achievements should be important to them, as well. My goal buddies are my boyfriend and best friend. They know my dreams and passions inside and out. They know what I want to accomplish and they want to see me do it.

My best friend and I
My best friend and I

There’s no time that is too late to start accomplishing! Good luck and have fun! It feels great! Also you should never compare your accomplishments to others! Your compass is going a different direction than theirs and it’s just as beautiful where you are going!

Yours truly,

Manda 🙂

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