Flash Fiction: Halloween Edition


Happy Halloween Witches, ghouls, ghost, vampires, wizards, and all things spooky!

Here is a little story I wrote for Halloween! Let me know what you think in the comments! Share, share, and share, please!!


The Haunted Schoolyard

The gymnasium is dark as the students dance in their costumes, the halls are packed with booths of candies, and the court yard is lighted by the fire surrounded by camp chairs and the children roasting marshmallows. “Now kids gather around the fire for the annual haunted story,” I tell the students as they stuff their faces with the candy they trick-or-treated for and the s’mores they just crafted. As they get settled I continue. “Of course if you are here for the Haunted Telling then you are now at the top of the chain, you are the 5th-grade class!” I welcome them and remind them that it is just a story even though I know they will continue to report sightings for the rest of the school year.

“Begin, Begin! Mr. Joseph” They shout as the fire crackles and roars.

“Children, my story begins over one hundred years ago when this land was an Insane Asylum for crazy people. People who were lost out of their minds. But not just for crazy people, but for the insane children as well. For instance, Billy, the dark hooded little boy who fantasized about eating the flesh of the other little children and was locked in his room to keep from kidnapping them.” I paused for effect as the students gasped in shock. When I continued my story the students have refocused, “Mary was also a resident in the Asylum who wore her hair in pig tails and wore a plain white gown. She liked to frighten the other children by climbing the walls in the bathroom. There was also another ten-year-old boy, they called him Jumbo Joe. He was a large red-headed boy who crazed for midnight ghost stories in the library and then tried to reenact them.”

One of the students shouted from across the flames, “So what? This isn’t even scary!”

“Settle down, Kyle. I am not finished. Fifty years ago on Halloween night just after dark, Jumbo Joe set the library on fire and many children died that night. It is reported by many students before you that they see Billy floating in the cafeteria searching for children to feast on. Mary still lurks in the girl’s bathroom and occasionally will reappear in the mirrors and spin her head around like an owl to spoke the students. And it is still said that on this night Jumbo Joe haunts the halls and tries to use the flames from this fire to burn us all!” As soon as I finish one of the parents runs up the field screaming and the students jump in fear! And every year it is a successful freight on Halloween night!

There are no real hauntings at the school, but many children do try to seek the haunted telling’s to be true. Most of the teachers hate me because the students are so fixated on going to a haunted school that they cannot focus, but it always goes down as one of the best memories while attending Madison Elementary. What the students do not know was that there was an Insane Asylum on this land and it did go up in flames on all Hallows eve by one of the residents, me.

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Thanks for reading! Have a spooky Halloween!!

Happy Haunting,



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  1. GMa

    November 1, 2016 at 12:33 AM

    It got my attention.

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