Extremely Easy and Cheap DIY Room Decor and Organization!

Hello DIYers and all alike,

Today I have two super easy and fairly cheap DIY’s for you! Especially if you live in a small space and need the extra organization!

DIY 1 – What you need: 

  1. Mason jars
  2. Hemp yarn
  3. Succulent plants
  4. Chalk paint
  5. Paint brush
  6. Wood panel
  7. Frame Hooks
  8. Chalk or Chalk pen

I found all of this (except the succulent plants) at Joann’s or Micheals. I found the plants at Lowes.

  1. Transfer the succulent plants to the mason jars. I had a total of four to be evenly spaced on my wood panel.
  2. Tie the Hemp yarn around the mason jars lip and leave some out at the end to knot it behind the wood panel later.
  3. Make even spaced holes to place mason jars at.
  4. With the chalk paint outline the phase you wish to say. Mine will say “Hello Gorgeous”
  5. With the chalk or permanent chalk pen, write your phrase once the chalk paint dries. It does not take long to dry, maybe 5 minutes or so depending on how thick you put it on.
  6. Add the frame hooks so you can easily hang your work.
  7. Tie the mason jars in the back to secure them to the wood panel. Make sure they are extremely tight or they will not hold!
  8. Hang on the wall and enjoy your masterpiece! and do not forget to feed your succulents every once and awhile!

DIY 2 – What you need: 

  1. Wood paneled crate (I had two)
  2. Your choice of spray paint
  3. Chalk paint
  4. Chalk or permanent chalk pen
  5. Paint Brush

I found all these supplies at Joann’s as well! I’m sure you can find them at any other craft store if needed!


  1. Move to a space where you can freely spray paint without ruining anything. Spray paint the whole box! I only did one layer but if you want a more opaque look you may want to go for a second coat. One bottle was enough.
  2. Paint a square on the crate so you can label what you are going to put inside the crate.3. Use the chalk to write your label! As you can see I labeled mine “Bathroom Shit” (pun totally intended 😉 ) and “Craft Supplies”. Fill them up and enjoy the clutter free space!

    I hope you enjoyed these easy crafts! Tweet me pictures if you try them @mandagirl !

    Remember that you are always an inspiration to this world and are a beautiful soul!

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Thanks for reading! See you next time,


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