DIY Marble Clay Coasters


Hello Everyone!

I hope your week went well and you all enjoy your weekend! I am going to be sharing a DIY marble clay coaster with you all today! This DIY was a lot of trial and error but I finally figured it out! and as always so much fun!dsc02117

You will need:

  • oven bake model clay (air dry clay) make sure it is oven baked clay!
  • a rolling pin (or something to flatten the clay)
  • a cup, bowl, or something with a circular form
  • sharpies (optional)
  • a butter knife
  • and Imagination!

The steps:

  1. Its not an exact measurement but you want 6 chunks about this size of clay. You can do separate colors or the same colors but keep in mind if you do 2 of the same colors it will dominate the coaster. dsc02100
  2. Make the chunks into little snake shapes. dsc02073
  3. Align them altogether. they do not have to be the same size but you can cut them to the same size.
  4. Now twist all the colors together like I have! This is the fun part! Roll it into a ball, then into a snake loop, and continue to twist. The more you twist the more of a marbly look your going to get. dsc02090
  5. Now roll it pretty flat. You do not want your drink to be tipsy on the coaster. Then with your circular form cut a circle out of the clay. If you have extra put it to the side for now. dsc02082 dsc02086
  6. Heat your oven to 350 degrees when you have finished all your coasters.
  7. With all the extras I combined them and formed it around the bottom of the bowl to make a small bowl. You can make more coasters if you would rather. dsc02102
  8. They bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes. **If you bought the wrong clay they will either melt everywhere or shrink and shrivel! Both those happened to be so make sure its the right clay!!
  9. The sharpies are to decorate after they have cooled.  Here is an example. dsc02114
  10. Enjoy! dsc02138 dsc02127

If you try this out let me know! I hope you have a fabulous week! Thank you for reading and remember to subscribe:) dsc02140 dsc02148

Bye bye for now,

Manda 🙂

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