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Happy Fall everyone! The leaves are changing and the boots, hoodies, and scarfs have come out! Now I do have to say that I was not to excited about colder weather but these crafts helped me get pumped for this new season! Some of these crafts are for us bigger kids and some to entertain those little ones! I hope you enjoy and try some!

For the Kid in all of us:

Outside Flower Pot:

So for this project I already had a huge milk jug that had been empty.  I put some fake flowers from Michael’s in it. I stuck to the browns, reds, burgundies, yellows, and oranges for some fall flare. I also found this little scarecrow that was on a stick that I added in. Then I just put a bow with some ribbon with leaves and some burlap. This is pretty easy to do but adds to the outside decor! DSC01120_edited

Wood Chalkboard:

This one is also completely easy and so cute! I found this wood slab at Michael’s. Then you’ll need chalk paint and a sponge brush. I thought black was too plain so I chose a copper color! I painted one coat, let it dry for 2 hours, then painted the second coat. Have fun!

Leaf Mason Jars:

What you need: mod podge, mason jars, sponge brush, candles

So this one was a little harder just because I honestly didn’t have the patients for the mod podge to dry. But its worth it because they are so cute! So you obviously need mason jars, fake leaves, mod podge, and a sponge brush. Paint the mason jars with the mod podge then wait for it to be tacky. Add the first layer of leaves. Then paint more mod podge on, wait, then do the second layer of leaves, and so on. Just a helpful hint the leaves stick better if they are thin and flexible! For some finishing touches I stuck candles and potpourri in mine!

Glitter Pumpkins:

Okay this is one of my favorites and it was so easy! Plus they look so adorable! Okay so what you need are some fake pumpkins, or real, spray adhesive, and glitter! If you don’t want your stem to be covered in glitter cover it with tape first. Then spray the top with the spray adhesive. If you want your pumpkin to be all glitter spray the whole pumpkin. Then I put a paper plate under the pumpkin. When the pumpkin is tacky slowly put the glitter on. After a couple seconds you can slightly shake the pumpkin on the paper plate then dump the excess glitter back in the container!


Decorated Mason Jars:

Okay guys Mason Jars can literally be so useful in many ways! So your going to need mason jars, mason jars and even more! Various colors of craft paint, and sponge brushes, ribbons, burlap, candles, candy, or flowers! I painted my mason jars with two coats of each color because I liked the distressed look. If you want them more opaque you should do a 3rd layer of paint. Then I added various ribbons and flowers in most of mine. I put candy in another! Have fun using your imagination!

Stick Candle Holder’s:

Okay this one is cute and again easy! I’m all about Easy! So I didn’t have candle holders but I had tiny mason jars. Who would have guessed.. Then I found sticks in my yard. Well my siblings went hunting for me:)  Then I used a hot glue gun to put them on the jar and stuck a candle in!

For the Kids!

Turkey Wreath:

This is adorable but it may need some of your help. First the kids will need to paint a 1/3 of the wreath Styrofoam brown. Then let them paint part of the circle Styrofoam  black to look like eyes. After that paint the cone Styrofoam yellow for the turkeys beak. Next start to cut the tulle. We did ours in a pattern. Take the pieces of tulle you cut and start to tie them in a knot around the Styrofoam wreath, the part that is not brown. Then fluff out the left out pieces. Now glue on the beak and eyes. We cut out a red piece from foam paper then glued it on the beak. Then its done!

Monster Jars:

This one is super easy and fun for the kids! The kids will need to paint their mason jars whatever colors with two coats. Let them dry then with black paint the faces they want. We chose a vampire, Frankenstein, and a Jack-o-lantern. Then you can put candles in them at night!

Fall Wind Chimes:

This one kept them pretty busy because they went out looking for things to hang on their wind chimes. They went looking for wood sticks, pine cones, and leaves. Then I bought acorns with bells in them and these wood figures that they colored. Then you tie the sticks together. After that attach long pieces of the string to the sticks so they can tie their various objects to it. You might want to double knot it for them so it doesn’t fall apart. Then hang it out side! Facebook-20151013-044349

What you need:

  • 2 sticks
  • Brown string
  • leaves
  • acorns
  • pine cones
  • tiny decorative pumpkins/ squash

I hope you have tons of fun and try these projects! They keep you and the kids busy! It is a fun and cheap weekend project! I found most of my stuff at the dollar store or at Michael’s with coupons! If you try them don’t be afraid to show me through social media! Tag me on Twitter or Instagram with any other ideas too!

Instagram name: @mandagirl96

Twitter name: @mandagirl

I hope your fall season is as glorious as mine! Remember your an inspiration to someone and your amazing and beautiful! Go out into the world and see what it has to offer you! DSC01190_edited



Manda 🙂



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    October 13, 2015 at 5:44 PM

    I really enjoyed your floral arrangement and your monster jars. Each were different and really showed your range. Keep up the good work.

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