D.C. Travel Diary!


Hey my fav travelers,

Garrett and I just got back from the wonderful Capital of the USA!! Go America!

Here are some awesome pictures from this wonderful trip! Some pictures were taken by Hannah (designated BFF) and Garrett! If you would like to follow her on Insta her username is @anastacia.grace !

Don’t forget to check out my video linked below too!

dsc02467 dsc02472 dsc02486 dsc02556 dsc02583 dsc02628 dsc02669 dsc02685 dsc02703 dsc02478 dsc02474 dsc02528 dsc02471 dsc02533 dsc02560 dsc02590 dsc02605 dsc02614 dsc02618 dsc02619 dsc02626 dsc02656 dsc02682


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Manda 🙂


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