Controlled by the Hate and Violence


Pray for Dallas….


Pray for Orlando…


Pray for Planned Parenthood…


Pray for San Bernardino….


Pray for Aurora…


Pray for Boston….


Pray for Paris….


Pray for Brussels….


Pray for Sandy Hook….


Never forget 9/11…


How many more times are we going to have to pray for a different city because of attacks of violence? It’s not just guns, it’s bombs. It’s not just black lives matter, it’s all lives matter. It’s not just violence against gays, it’s violence against all people. It’s not just terrorist, it’s all committing the acts of hate. So what are we going to do about it? Just pray and wait for the violence to die down?

Dallas, Texas

Yesterday, during a protest for Black Lives Matter, 5 officers were killed and 7 more were injured. Two civilians were injured in the crossfire of this violence. What was the point? 14 families are heartbroken over lost loved ones and devastation over recovering family members. To prove what? That black lives matter, too?

All Lives Matter

Orlando, Florida 

On June 12, Omar Mateen shot 102 people and killed 49 of them at a gay club in Florida. 102 families are now dealing with the loss of loved ones and helping family recover mentally and physically from this one fatal act of violence. One man shot 102 people in a matter of minutes, to prove what? That he HATED gays or that he was pledging allegiance with ISIS? It doesn’t matter. It was gruesome, it was violent, it was most of all HATE.

All Lives Matter

Colorado Springs, CO 

My home. My local shopping center attacked minutes before reaching the King Soopers to get a prescription. Robert Dear violently shot 12 people in the Planned Parenthood. One police officer and two civilians dead. Our city watched as the standoff lasted five hours. The police officer was a father, an uncle, a husband, a son, and a guardian to many at UCCS. The other two had families that are now grieving their loss. Many receive therapy for the traumatic events on November 27th. And all that for what? So one man could prove that abortions should be illegal because of his religious beliefs?  Why is it that we have to resort to violence?

Violence Is Not the Answer

Aurora, Colorado 

A man walked into a movie theater during a midnight showing of a movie and tear gassed it. Then, used multiple firearms to shoot 70 people and kill 12. He didn’t use just guns. He had no purpose but for his own pleasure.

Violence Is Not the Answer

Paris, France 

505 people in Paris were attacked, 130 are dead civilians. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attacks. The attacks involved suicide bombers, mass shootings, and hostage situations. It wasn’t just guns. It wasn’t violent crimes against one type of person.

All Lives Matter. Violence Is Not the Answer. 

The attacks keep happening. The violence is still occurring. The issue is still apparent. We aren’t doing anything, but hating. Hate controls us. Wake up World! What are we doing to stop the hate?

Just a penny for my thoughts. Have a positive weekend!

Manda 🙂

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  1. Grandma

    July 9, 2016 at 7:27 AM

    Dear Sweet Amanda,

    The times are that of great uncertainty. So many kindred souls are feeling the pain and the loss of the Love that we as people used to have for each other. We see so much of this violence everywhere…news, social media, in the entire World right now.
    It is good to see people starting to be vocal about it because that means people are about at the point where we feel we have to take back our own lives and find our way back to the LOVE that we had when we arrived here.
    I continue to pray for the World everyday and for all my loved ones. I feel so blessed and grateful for the loving family that I have. I am also so proud of you and the LOVE that you spread in this World daily. You are such a bright light in a dark world. But don’t let that darkness change you. The darkness can never dim the LIGHT. Hold strong to your Light and trust that God will take care of us.
    I love you so much my dear sweet Granddaughter…. <3

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