7 Reasons To Love a Surprise Vacay!


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Hello all! Long time no see!

I have not posted in a long time! I have been extremely busy! I go to school, go to my first job, go to my second job, study, then go to bed and hopefully eat between! Thankfully we when we we’re on spring break my wonderful boyfriend planned a mini vacation for us! So here are ten reasons you should plan a vacation for your significant other or should love the surprise vacation:

  1. Its all planned for you! – this was the best thing; all I had to do was pack! image
  2. You do not know where you are going so you are either super prepared for some things or unerprepared so you have to go SHOPPING! Finding a local Target is always fun!
  3. You do not have any expectations because you do not know what to expect.
  4. No worrying!
  5. You get to sit back and wonder about all the places you could be going, its peaceful. image
  6. Let’s just face it you fall in love, with the person who planned it, all over again because they went through all the time and effort to plan something for you!
  7. Whatever you are going to be doing you are going to have fun or be relaxed, so look forward to the excitement! DSC01690

Garrett took me to a relaxing vacation at the Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs! I am very thankful for this quick getaway!

Check out the Iron Mountain Hot Springs to Relax. Restore. Rejuvenate.

Tata for now,


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