6 Road Trip Dos and Don’ts!

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I recently traveled across the country to my new home in Huntington, WV to attend Marshall University for five months! If you are just tuning in then you should know that my boyfriend and I are on exchange to the famous “We Are Marshall” University for one semester, as of now. (We’ll see where life takes us). We are on exchange through the National Student Exchange (NSE). Because we were moving to an apartment we drove with our most valued possessions and necessities and drove just about 2,000 miles away from our home to be here! Just some tips for your next road trip, whether you’re on exchange, a college freshman, or just moving!


  1. Pack what you can and only what you really need! We really only took our clothes, blanket and sheets, and kitchen supplies gifted to us. Don’t worry about the other things; you can buy them when you get there or if the stuff gifted to you doesn’t fit it can later be mailed to you!
  2. Fuel Points are a must! If you have a King Soopers or Kroger card start racking up the fuel points! It probably saved us a $100 to stop at a Kroger vs. another gas station. You may have to plan more adequately to find one.
  3. Stay with family! We stayed with family at every stretch for three reasons. It’s WAY cheaper than hotels. Even if you only have one family member on the way it’s probably $100 that stays in your pocket! Secondly, it’s a lot safer. You may be traveling though towns you have never been too, and you don’t know the crime rate. Plus, some family may even let you park in the garage which minimizes your chances of getting broken into. Thirdly, who doesn’t want to visit family you don’t see that often?
  4. Pack Snacks and Drinks! There are long stretches between towns and it could be a while before you eat your next meal. Kansas to Ohio is all farm and it would be hours before we saw anything but rest stops and corn fields!
  5. Do NOT over Stress! See what the road has to offer! You’ll get there when its best for you! This is an adventure! Take it day by day and let life take its course! You can help the stress by making each stop less hours. We drove 9 hour days twice and I wouldn’t recommend doing more than that or even that many. By the 8th hour it is well over exhausting to just sit there!
  6. Do it all in one stop! Eat, bathroom, gas, and stretch. Eat, bathroom, gas, and stretch. EAT, BATHROOM, GAS AND STRETCH! This will save you time! Plus again it may be hours before you can go to the bathroom so always try even if you don’t have to. (mom advice)
  7. BONUS Tip: We were gifted gift cards to places to eat and our King Soopers Card was used when they were purchased so we racked up a ton of fuel points! Then, you will know where your stopping to eat. So get gift cards and don’t forget your King Soopers number! Sometimes on holiday weekends they have 4x the fuel points, like labor day or back to school events!


Stay tuned for more tips on College or Exchange! Also check out my blog on our first week here!



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