5 Ways to Deal with Writer’s Block!

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Hello beauties!

So I have been dealing with writer’s block… or maybe just writer’s envy. I read other blogs and they just have a way with words I feel I don’t. So here are some tips for writing a blog or even that nasty college paper you just cannot seem to start!

  1. Positive Attitude! You cannot start any task without truly believing you can do it.  Not only that but at some point you just have to muster up the motivation to just start writing even if it’s writing blah blah blah blah over and over. At least it’s a start….
  2. Find Some Inspiration! Pinterest is my go to app if I ever need any inspiration. A ton of bloggers are on their with some helpful advice on blogging and writing papers. On of my favorite bloggers is The Blonde Abroad! But that’s because all she does is travel and it makes me so envious! The reason I started my blog was because of the incredible amounts of bloggers on Pinterest that gave tips on how to start one! But if you are writing a paper make sure you have some research. This may help the juices start flowing in your brain about what to write. Maybe you can find some inspiration through your favorite author or quotes as well. DSC01867
  3. Start a List of Ideas! After you have found some research or inspiration make a list of the things that apply to you. What things could you passionately write about? DSC01872
  4. Find your Reason! Why are you writing about this? Finding your audience is key in this process! Are you sharing your experience with others that are studying on exchange? Are you a DIY fanatic who just wants to share the cool ideas? Are you sharing your tips to help another writer experiencing writer’s block? You can find a reason and this may put some urgency on writing the piece.
  5. Do An Outline! Being organized is always key in trying to write. Your paper or blog is going to be messy if your jumping ideas constantly. Organize your thoughts. And then maybe you will find where to begin!

I hope these we’re helpful in any kind of writing! I know I have been struggling with getting back into the groove of things. (Is groove even still cool?) So, I needed some motivation and inspiration!

Remember you are gorgeous and you have a reason! I love you all and ta-ta for now!


Manda 🙂

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