13 Summer Essentials by Target and Amazon!


Hello, Summer Babes!

If you aren’t out of school yet I hope it is coming very soon! If you are out then I say “Congratulations!!” I hope you all enjoy this summer and it is filled with adventure! Today I have a list of Summer Essentials for you!

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Target Links:

  1. Summer Dress or Romper: You can never go wrong with getting a new cute summer dress or romper to start off the summer!
  2. A Stripe Floppy Beach Hat or a white one: Get one of those huge hats and have fun with it and protect your face!
  3. Trendy Aztec Sandals or Greek Goddess Sandals: I have the Aztecy sandals and they are beyond comfortable, versatile, and colorful!!
  4. A New Bikini or A High Waist Bikini: With so many great looks out there you can always find a swimsuit and bikinis now for every shape and size! You better get a suit you feel amazing in and enjoy a swim! You deserve it!
  5. Setting Spray: The summer days are hot and you still wanna look HOT; not like a  plastic doll melting! Setting spray keeps you looking amazing by allowing your makeup to stay in place even in the hot sun!

If you aren’t already an REDCard member make sure you become one because it is 5% off every purchase and free shipping on most items!

Amazon Link: 

  1.  A New Trendy Cacti Tumbler or a Kate Spade Tumbler: You can never go wrong with a Tumbler for ice cold water, a boba, or a Frapp!
  2. A Trendy Pool Floatie: Swan or Pineapple:  These look like so much fun! I am gonna go order mine right now!
  3. A Waterproof Speaker: This is a great deal so you can listen to music while in the shower or at the beach or pool.
  4. A Polaroid: These are so fun to mess around with! Plus the pictures make for great decorations and there are so many trendy things you can do with them!
  5. Sunglasses: If you are like me you are already replacing your sunglasses every summer because you lost them or broke them so replace them with these adorable ones!
  6. A Pool Bag: You need a pool or beach bag for all the things you just bought!
  7. A SandCloud Towel These towels are perfect for the pool and the beach. They are Turkish towels and every 10% goes to help save Marine Life! You can use my coupon code to get 25% off your purchase: AmandaChp25  
  8. I always like to have a goal for the summer too. Mine this year is to read some good books that I have been putting aside and to find mental peace and happiness!

Please go shopping and get ready for a summer full of FUN! I know I will spend many days adventuring or playing with my siblings in the pool! Have a fantastic day! Remember that you are an incredible human being with amazing beauty!

Please share and comment some of the things you will be getting for summer! Also, comment down below what your summer goal will be!


MandaGirl 🙂

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