10 Plus Birthday Freebies!

Hello, Everybody!

In celebration of it being my birthday week, I decided to share with you some of the places that give birthday FREEBIES!! All you have to do is usually be a member of their rewards program! These are just some of the places that I take advantage of for my birthday month! These other bloggers have a more extensive list of freebies and coupons so make sure to check them out – The Frugal Girls, The Penny Hoarder,  and What Mommy Does! They have lists of 50+!!

  1. A Drink at Starbucks
  2. Snack Size wings at Buffalo Wild Wings
  3. Burger at Red Robin
  4. Gift from Sephora
  5. Gift from Ulta
  6. Free Popcorn at Cinemark
  7. Gift from Victoria Secret
  8. Gift from Redbox
  9. A whole meal at Jersey Mike Subs
  10. A meal at HuHot Mongolian Grill

This is one of my favorite Youtubers and she tests some of the freebies and rates them for a cute little video! 

It can make it easier if you sign up for the rewards programs at least a month before your birthday so you can start receiving the emails! Happy Birthday!!

Thanks for stopping by! Please share with your friends and comment some of the ones you like to take advantage of or other places you know!

Best Wishes,

MandaGirl 🙂

P.s. this is me on my 21st Birthday!

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